2020 China National Expo (Shanghai) nearly 100 online live broadcast, help the exhibition with the Internet + exhibition model for innovation


【Brief Description】

China National Fair (Shanghai) together with nine building materials network to create the home fair digital exhibition system is a major highlight of the exhibition. It is understood that the digital exhibition system integrates cloud display, cloud guide, cloud promotion, cloud live, cloud inquiry, cloud signing as a whole, building a one-stop digital exhibition new ecology, online and offline together, to bring a link between the industry and the future of the home feast.

Watch the exhibition offline, watch the live broadcast online

This year's Home Furnishing Expo is dedicated to building a new ecology of online and offline digital exhibition, and is committed to giving visitors a brand-new exhibition experience. At the exhibition site, exhibitors have carried out live publicity through the official digital exhibition system, with promotions, new product launches, investment ...... various kinds of live broadcasts. As a digital exhibition system technology provider, JiuZheng live team is also present in all major brand exhibition halls, with the camera record publicity, with resources tube network promotion, for dealers to explore new trends, new technology, new design and new business opportunities, in the exhibition site to bring nearly 100 high-quality forum and exhibitors live!

2020 China National Expo (Shanghai) nearly 100 online live broadcast, to help the exhibition with the Internet + exhibition mode of innovation, to achieve the exhibition offline display + online display linkage and continuous fermentation, so that the exhibition effect never ends, and continue to inject more momentum for the exhibition and industry development.

Continuing the grand event, the exhibition effect will never end

The 46th China (Shanghai) International Furniture Fair has come to a successful end, with nearly 1,000 elite brands gathered and a total attendance of 118,409 professional visitors, which is undoubtedly a highly anticipated industry event. It is understood that although the offline exhibition closed, but the online cloud showroom will continue to continue the exhibition, the organizers will also work together with nine building materials network high-density external publicity and promotion, so that the China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai) on line to continue.

Exhibitors can continue to contact the visitors who have visited their pages through the cloud exhibition hall, which can widely disseminate the enterprise during the exhibition to more businessmen who want to know, and continue to match business opportunities in the cloud exhibition hall. Visitors can also continue to learn about exhibitors, contact exhibitors, and continue to meet and negotiate in the cloud showroom. Cloud showroom is the continuation of the home fair online, but also the continuation of business opportunities between exhibitors and visitors to negotiate, cloud showroom so that the China National Fair (Shanghai) not "closed" throughout the year.

It is understood that, in addition to the official cloud showroom with JiuZheng building materials network cooperation, this year's home fair also with a number of media cooperation, through online and offline linkage, for exhibitors to empower, but also for the follow-up of the major exhibitions of digital provides a model to draw on.


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