2014 furniture market Everyone is quite desperate!


【Brief Description】May 1-3, 2014, Xiyinmen May Day building materials and furniture carnival, draw Mercedes-Benz / BMW;

The scale of activities is getting bigger and bigger

May 1-3, 2014, Xiyinmen May Day building materials and furniture carnival, draw Mercedes / BMW;

June 15-17, Jinshan Zuohai Building Materials and Home Plaza anniversary celebration, 3 days to send 2 cars; July 12-13, Sandi Red Star Macalline guessing World Cup activities, sent two Mercedes-Benz. September 27, Qumei furniture Fuzhou independent store opening, raffle prizes in the Baru XV sedan car.

On New Year's Day 2015, the opening of the Strait International Home Building Materials Plaza, the heavyweight activities to send a car is still the focus.

...... 2014, Fuzhou home furnishing market activities promotion, surprisingly sent nearly 10 cars, and a Mercedes-Benz BMW and other luxury cars mostly.

Just, although the value of the car is large therefore attracts a large number of people's attention, but because of the low winning rate, consumers look at the lively words. That Red Star Macalline took the lead in the launch of the free single, half price day of Heiyingmen, to the opening of the Strait Building Materials City, the whole field of 30% off, it is a wave than a wave to move consumers, but also, July 19, Heiyingmen free single day sales broke 20 million, the opening of the West China International Home Building Materials City on New Year's Day also said to create 2000 sales volume.

Industry voice: Deng Jinfu, deputy general manager of Fuzhou Xiyinmen Building Materials and Furniture Plaza, said that the market in 2014 is actually relatively depressed, and the market situation is not good at the same time, there are constantly new stores in, it can be said that the cake becomes smaller at the same time, the competition is increasing, the only way to break through the siege by having highlights and special activities to kill a bloody road. Therefore, in such a market environment, not only the positioning of the mall should be clear, to distinguish from other stores, misalignment marketing, promotional activities are also the same, but also misalignment marketing, to create their own characteristics, promotional activities spell affordable at the same time also spell creative. Fortunately, such high-end stores as Xiyinmen are rarely naked low price promotions, promotions are also carried out at the same time with a variety of tasting, interactive and even social hotspot activities to avoid entering the vicious circle of price competition. Likewise, there will always be a payoff, and the sales data of each activity is the evidence.

Imported brands become a major feature

In June 2014 actually home comprehensive re-planning, launched a 3,000 square meters of pure imported furniture hall, so far, there are 8 imported furniture brand stores opened. December 18, Red Star Macalline Fuzhou Jinshan shopping mall global investment conference, Red Star Macalline northern Fujian regional center general manager Mr. Dong Wenyi on the project in detail, it said, Red Star Macalline Fuzhou Jinshan shopping mall As the second home furnishing MALL in Fuzhou, it will be adapted to local conditions and staggered operation, introducing international** home furnishing brands, which will make the imported home furnishing pavilion a major feature of it.

According to the survey, at present, there are 40 imported brands in Xiyinmen, including 9 imported furniture brands and 31 building materials brands. Sandi Red Star Macalline has 19 imported building materials and furniture stores, including two imported furniture brands, imported building materials brands 17. Home of the 8 imported brands, all of which are furniture. Since the opening of Xiyinmen in 2006 to introduce imported brands, along with the occupancy of the national chain brand stores, the number of imported brands in Fuzhou has grown exponentially.

Industry voice: actually home Fuzhou store general manager when Zhongchang said, Fuzhou, one is the focus of economic development of the West China Sea, is the capital of Fujian Province, is the ** overseas Chinese hometown, is the gathering of Fujian business, where consumers not only strong purchasing power, the ability to accept new things, 1-2 million yuan a mattress, 50-60,000 yuan a chair, hundreds of thousands of a set of sofas, in Fuzhou are going well, which to Changle, the Fuqing area consumers are mostly. There are also industry insiders lament that the market now sells ** good class is affordable enough, a class is enough high-end.

Single-brand activities are getting higher in tone

Ltd. and Fuzhou Jin Yi Tao - tile marketing center, Fuzhou Pan - ** Home Alliance, Fujian Jin Yi Tao - tile Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored the "Jin Yi Tao - tile group of stars public welfare concert and pan-home furnishing 10,000 people to buy" in Fuzhou, nearly 5000 people gathered at the Straits International Convention and Exhibition Center to witness the singing of the stars' love and public welfare. The singers who participated in this concert are: Jin Yitao - tile charity concert love ambassador, the strength of the song king Wu Qixian, the strength of the singer, the voice of China Ni Ya Feng, the theme song "love notes" lead singer, lyric soprano Li Wa Yi, Warner Records strength of the singer, Fuzhou local guitar prince Xiao Shan, practice public welfare, music singer Yang Yanwei, modern pop singer Cai Jie and so on.

August 31, in the "Daddy's back" performance of the handsome father Wu Zun airborne in Fuzhou, to support the "Muse 2014 Global Sleep Culture Tour" Fuzhou station activities.

On the evening of November 22, 2015, Yazhen Furniture, the global partner of China Pavilion at Milan Expo, successfully held the "Milan Expo Roadshow - Yazhen Night" Fuzhou Station event. From the China Council for the Promotion of Trade, the Italian Consulate General in Guangzhou, the Milan Expo Organizing Committee, Fujian Province, home and other important leaders and Fujian Province, more than 200 guests from all walks of life attended the ceremony, to witness the Zhen brand hand in hand with the Milan Expo!

Industry voice: General Manager of Golden Italy ceramic tile Lin Qingtong said, now more and more brands on the market, more and more products, good brands and products are easy to imitate, although imitation can never surpass the original, but consumers have no way to distinguish, can only look at the price. Brand through the star or high style activities to show, not only let consumers have a refreshing experience, but also can reflect the strength of the brand, culture, positioning, more conducive to designers and consumers to deepen their understanding of the product, and make the right choice.

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