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Huasheng Furniture Group won the Xiaolan Annual Economic Outstanding Contribution Award and many other honors

On February 6, Zhongshan Xiaolan Town held a high quality development conference. Guo Wenhai, secretary of Zhongshan Municipal Committee, attended the conference and faced the problems and challenges with the majority of cadres and entrepreneurs in Xiaolan, cheering everyone on, with the same mind of the city and town, and the same mind of the government and enterprises, and striving to create a new situation of high quality development in Xiaolan. The meeting is large, high specification, good atmosphere, for Xiaolan high-quality development to point the direction. The General Assembly stressed the need to thoroughly implement the spirit of the provincial and municipal high quality development conference, mobilize the whole town to firmly believe in winning, the government and enterprises are of one mind, super strength, and resolutely win the battle of high quality development, a protracted war.
"Xiaolan is a key son in the overall situation of Zhongshan, a son fell full plate live." Guo Wenhai, secretary, said that the attendance of today's meeting, on the one hand, to thank Xiaolan entrepreneurs, cadres, the masses for Xiaolan, Zhongshan's economic and social development to make important contributions, on the other hand, is the cohesion, to inspire the town's cadres, the masses and entrepreneurs to face the problems, common struggle, in the race for high-quality development, run out of Xiaolan "acceleration The company's main goal is to encourage the town's cadres, people and entrepreneurs to face the problems and struggle together to run the Xiaolan "acceleration" in the race for high-quality development.
In order to inspire the majority of enterprises and entrepreneurs to continue to strengthen confidence, innovation and practical work, and strive to be the first, the General Assembly commended the 2022 annual economy to make outstanding contributions to the top 10 enterprises, the top 30 manufacturing industries, the top 30 service industries, manufacturing high-growth enterprises, the top 10 service high-growth enterprises, manufacturing innovation demonstration enterprises 10. Among them, Huasheng Furniture Group won the annual economic outstanding contribution award, the top 30 manufacturing enterprises, and the manufacturing innovation demonstration enterprises. At the same time, 15 entrepreneurs were appointed as "Economic Advisors of Xiaolan Town Government", and Yao Yonghong, Chairman of Huasheng Furniture Group, was appointed as "Economic Advisor of Xiaolan Town Government".
This meeting is a historic meeting in the development of Xiaolan, a series of honors is not only a high affirmation of the development achievements of Huasheng, the status of the industry and the business purpose of "creating and casting famous brands, serving the community", but also further motivate all colleagues in the company in the new year to build up momentum, the start is the sprint, the opening is the battle, run out of acceleration, in the road of high-quality development. Run out of acceleration, take the initiative in the road of high-quality development, and strive to be a pioneer. Based on the new development stage, Huasheng Furniture Group will give full play to the leading advantages of the industry benchmarking enterprises, focus on the main battlefield of the real economy, promote the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, further drive office furniture, commercial furniture and the industrial cluster represented by Zhongshan Meijiu "ten fleet" to achieve new breakthroughs, to cultivate new momentum for the high-quality development of the regional economy To stimulate new vitality and make new contributions!

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